Skies of Arcadia

Happenings at 1/31 session

Not a diary entry because session ended mid-day

With Alfonso’s pet bull defeated, the party collected the unconscious girl and (at Catrin’s brilliant suggestion) commandeered a couple of the abandoned “lifeboats” to return to the Albatross and report their findings. After all necessary repairs were made to the ship’s hull, the Albatross returned to its secret port inside Windmill Island, and Captain Dyne divided up the spoils from its raid on the Alexander. (Note to absent players: 14 gp and one magic item of your choice up to level 4 – the GM is being generous, and the Captain is known for being mindful of what his people need.)

The successful raid was a rite of passage for the player characters, and Tyrhe’s mother and sister all but dragged him to the pirates-only tavern which he (and the others) were now finally permitted to enter. Hanna’s father, on the other hand, dragged her off for another session of intense training since her death during the raid clearly meant she’d not been working hard enough. (OOC: The GM has allowed Hanna to retrain from Two-Blade fighting style to Hunter fighting style.) Jessica and Catrin also decided that going and spending some of their new-gotten gains on a bottle or two of loqua was a very appropriate use of their time, and went to go join the O’Hares.

After sampling some of all the flavors of loqua the tavern had to offer, Jessica had just purchased a bottle of blue (her favorite, and her dad’s) and poured a glass when the first officer tapped her shoulder and said that Captain Dyne wished to speak with her. Jessica paled, downed her glass, handed the bottle to Catrin for either safekeeping or mixology experiments, and reported to her father’s office. She was gone for less than an hour, including the walk there and back, but she returned chastened and on the verge of tears. She refused to say anything about it at the time, except that her father had heard from Nazar what had gone down during their hunt for a water supply. Catrin then noticed that Nazar was (wisely) nowhere to be seen. The three of them stayed and drank at the tavern until rousted out, and went their separate ways for the night.

Morning / early afternoon brought hangovers of varying intensity, and the desire to check in on the girl they’d rescued. Mrs. Dyne had been personally tending to her, so after Jessica had gone to round up Tyrhe and Catrin and Hanna (Nazar was still nowhere to be seen), they carefully entered the guest bedroom to strike up a conversation. The girl thanked them for retrieving her from the Valuans, and said that Mrs. Dyne had been very good to her. In the course of conversation, she introduced herself as Fina, but became very tense and tight-lipped when asked where she was from (the party let that question drop). At the end, Jessica promised Fina that as a guest in the Dyne house, she would be as safe and cared for as they could possibly make her.

As they all stepped outside to get more fresh air and discuss the girl a little more, they were treated to the sight of a moonstone shower. Catrin thought she saw the signs of a moonstone actually landing on nearby Shrine Island. Silver moonstones are quite rare because of how few and small the landmasses are in Middle Ocean, and Jessica thought that if Catrin had noticed an impact from this distance, it would probably be a pretty sizeable chunk. She declared that the four of them and Nazar should set out to retrieve it, and invited them to stay for dinner and help her convince her dad to agree. Captain Dyne was hesitant, but Jessica pointed out that it would be a good opportunity to promptly work on the lessons he’d demanded she remember (and Katie rolled a natural 20 on a Diplomacy check). Dad spluttered a bit, mom laughed, and the party was given permission to provision and sail one of the small launches from the surface port the next day.

The Captain’s reluctance was perhaps not entirely unfounded; while they had little difficulty provisioning the ship and getting it underway, conflicting attempts at avoiding a pod of eels meant the poor ship ran right into them. Their sheer numbers made it a challenge for the party to take down (OOC: two of the monsters were swarms, and the wizard was absent), but much to Jessica’s chagrin, her father’s lecture from two nights before was actually sound advice, and they came through more or less in one piece, though the beating they took in the process was likely to mean the mission would take longer than originally planned.


Very well written Katie.

Happenings at 1/31 session

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