Skies of Arcadia

Penance and redemption

WARNING: diary of a teenage girl.

When I woke up after last time, it was Dad. When I woke up after this time, it was Nazar. That tells me all I need to know, but I already know I’m still not going to listen. The worst part is not knowing why it was never her, but I’d rather face down another one of those Valuan bulls than ask her that.

Apparently despite my massive failure last time, we were still able to raid the Valuan ship. It was just that since we didn’t kill its engines fast enough, they dug into our side a little in the process. So we put in at one of the wooded islands, and I got told to take Tyrhe and Catrin and Nazar to go find water (and thus make sure we could take the time we’d need to make repairs). Hanna should have been with us, and she probably would have if she wasn’t still in critical condition. That was my fault too.

We started to track the water, and ran into a pack of somethings that obviously like to hunt down things tracking water. Eventually we found the water source. We weren’t the only ones. All the Valuans that jumped ship before we got to them had sailed their lifeboats here and actually started settling in a bit. Which meant we got to have our revenge on the engineers who bested us two days before. It didn’t go swimmingly, but we all survived this time. And when the fight drew the attention of some more Valuans, we actually managed to take them down as well. Though it took me a few tries to figure out what is actually insulting to a Valuan’s mother.

The reinforcements came in yelling something about protecting the Admiral. If Alphonse was on this island, odds were so was that girl he’d made off with, so Tyrhe was all about trying to find her. Alphonse and the lifeboats were set up on the beach just a little widdershins from us; it was total luck that we hadn’t pulled right up next to them coming in. Alphonse was arguing with the other guy we’d seen him with, and then just shoved him off the edge of the island with his sword. I was too appalled to keep completely silent, and I ended up blowing our cover before Tyrhe could sneak over and snatch the girl.

Alphonse ended up siccing this bull-thing on us so he could make his getaway – thankfully without the girl. It knocked me silly, but we took it down. Nazar got upset with me for letting one of his friends get hurt. It took me a while to get it.

I hope they don’t snitch to dad that it went that bad for me. I’m still amazed I didn’t get grounded after last time. She probably will, though. I heard her grousing about still being on punishment detail when dad told her to come with me.



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