Skies of Arcadia

Vague Summary of 3/7 happenings

Sorry, basketball adrenaline has overwritten my memory cache

  • Party got reassurance from GM that having opened this door would mean water level would not rise past this level
  • Party argued about whether to open subsequent doors from the inside or outside
  • Arguing attracted wandering monsters
  • Katrin pointed out to the party just how friggin’ exhausted she was; party agreed to withdraw to the ship and rest for a while (Tyrhe carrying Nazar on his back this time while making his prodigious leap)
  • Party camps out on the deck, night passes uneventfully, Jessica writes summary of events so far in her diary to double as a ship’s log. She also writes on a separate page, and eventually tears it out, folds it up, and seals it with wax. Nazar catches her doing this; she refuses to elaborate.
  • Jessica wakes the party at 4:15 am because she can’t sleep – combination of excitement at possible success, and nervousness because she knows the Captain “expects” them back by a certain time or he’ll know things went sub-optimally
  • Party decides to follow the spiraling pathway up. Above the door is a vine-covered circular aperture (too perfect to not be deliberately made), and a crystal that is floating loose from its mooring. Nazar touches the crystal and pushes it back down. Mooring animates, locks around it, and the building comes to life with light and power. Loud booming sounds heard below. Light also illuminates skeletal corpse carrying an antique Valuan ceremonial pistol (inherent value 1000gp, historic value +1000 gp).
  • Party cannot figure out what precisely has happened, decides to retrace steps. They make it to the front door and find that it is closed. That must have been the booming sound. Someone touches the door; it opens at the touch. Door stays open as long as someone is in front of it, and for about thirty seconds afterward, then closes automatically.
  • Party crosses that awful waterfall again and makes it to the door previously opened. It is closed now, and the water is now a few inches over the pathway. This door also opens at a touch, and it looks like the slow but steady flow of water out that door is enough to keep the door ajar.
  • More arguing, more wandering monsters attracted. One of the organic critters has the some indigestible bits of a previous meal still in its guts. A golden breastplate is of little immediate use but definitely looks valuable.
  • Jessica finally agrees to let the party walk on the exposed catwalk-like paths around the bottom of the shrine, though she still frets when they don’t stay close to the center. A few random skyfish come to investigate and are promptly dispatched (and dissected). Where the sidewalk ends, a five-foot hop puts them atop an ancient but sturdy storage talk with a ladder down to another catwalk – this one leading to one of the doors the party wants to open.
  • Small crumbled room discovered just in front of the door. Weapon rack on the wall has a lot of stuff that is genuinely corroded beyond usability and a scimitar that isn’t (it’s just covered in guck). Nazar cleans it off, can’t quite figure out the runes on it. Jessica looks, realizes Nazar doesn’t parse them because it’s a bardic weapon – a harsh songblade +1.
  • Somewhere in all this we’ve also found a ruby scabbard, which Catrin takes
  • After much more arguing, party plan is to tie one of their ropes around the catwalk and tie Tyrhe off to that. While party stays on top of the storage tank, Tyrhe walks up, touches the door, and then runs into the crumbled room while the door’s still opening. Jessica screams herself hoarse trying to get him to maintain SOME kind of line of sight, but cannot be heard over the din of the water. It takes about forty-five minutes for the water to drain out such that the catwalk can be safely used again.
  • Party heads back inside, notices there aren’t any lights at this level so it’s a bit dimmer. Moonstone is still visible. Eventually party is able to make out another door, even larger than the others, on the “floor” level of the shrine. Jessica frets that opening the door will cause the water to sweep away the moonstone; others in the party are pretty sure the moonstone lodged itself pretty solidly in the floor when it made impact and it’ll be fine. More arguing attracts more wandering monsters.
  • Session ends; Katie suspends her freaking out over whether the player group is going to self-destruct


I would apologize for the inconsistency in spelling QZ’s character’s name, but on the other hand it’s tempting to keep doing it that way until he actually posts her to the portal and settles it once and for all.

Vague Summary of 3/7 happenings

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