1st Admiral of The Valuan Armada, and a nobleman of considerable lineage.


Age: 21
Place of Birth: Capital of Valua, Uper City.
Rank: Admiral

Born into one of if not the most prestigious noble families of the Valuan Empire short of the Royal Family itself, Alfonso has enjoyed a life of luxury and privilege. A young, strikingly handsome platinum blond with extreme wealth and political influence, he is Valua’s second most eligible bachelor right behind the Prince himself. Alfonso is the newest admiral of The Armada, replacing his uncle Alfred who died suddenly six months ago from a stroke. He is the second youngest Admiral currently in The Armada, has no previous military experience, and got his ranking based solely on his position as the heir apparent of his family. Not only does he make no attempt to hide this flagrant display of nepotism, but he revels in it, regarding it as his just due. Alfonso, in fact, regards his military ranking as merely an extension of his social standing. Indeed, it is rumored that he regards himself as the next Grand Admiral of The Armada, a position he feels Lord Galacian is destined to hand over to him. Alfonso has yet to be tested in combat, so it is unknown if he has any tactical competence to back up his bravado or not.

Alfonso’s flagship is The Cygnus.


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