Baltor the Bearded

One of the few Black Pirates who still dares cruise Middle Ocean, although he stay towards the Nasrian side away from Valua. He is a considerably proud man, and something of a hothead.


Your typical Black Pirate, Baltor sails the skies in search of ships plunder. Like all Black Pirates, he prefers to target unarmed merchantmen for an easy score. Baltor is an extremely proud man, and never forgives, or forgets a slight or being beaten. He is somewhat vain about his looks, especially keeping his beard full and trimmed, which has earned him the nickname of Baltor the Bearded. Being as he’s so fond of his beard, he’s quite proud to be for it. In fact, he has even used it as inspiration for the name of his ship: The Blackbeard.

Baltor is fairly straightforward in his raiding habits. He only kills those who stand between him and his plunder. Once a ship is subdued, he see no need to cause further damage or harm, and is content to let his victims go once he’s taken everything he wants. Baltor doesn’t bother with the ransoms or personal slaves either, so passengers and crew who surrender are safe. He doesn’t hold grudges against those who try to resist him either, at least as long as he’s the ultimate winner. Baltor can’t stand losing a fight, and has been known to track down those who have successful escaped him for a rematch. He’s not particularly vindictive about it, just maddeningly persistent.

Baltor is fairly bold for a Black Pirate, and hunts the skies in Middle Ocean near the South Danalii Strait in the very shadow of the Nasr Navy. So far, he has eluded their efforts to catch him.

Baltor the Bearded

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