4th Admiral of the Valuan Armada, and Head of Intelegence


A tall and extremely attractive redhead, Belleza is as intelligent as she is beautiful. She expertly uses both qualities to obtain whatever she desires.


Belleza is the Valuan Armada’s 4th Admiral. Due to her high intelligence and cunning, Lord Galacian has made her the head of intelligence for the entire Armada. She is quite good at ferreting out the secrets of others without them even being aware of who she is or what she’s doing. Her flagship is the Lynx.

Belleza is a Valuan patriot who believes in the greatness of her empire and as a faithful subject is loyal to its leaders on principle. Even though she gets a kick out of being sneaky and deceptive, her main objective is always to get what she needs from people with the least amount of harm to herself, her troops, and even her adversaries. She believes that Valua’s expansion will help bring order and the rule of law to the world. This will end piracy and conflict between the peoples of the world, and usher in a new age of peace and prosperity.


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