Captain Dyne


Age: 39
Place of Birth: Pirate Island
Rank: Head of The Dyne Family Blue Rogues, and Captain of The Albatross.

Dyne is a stern, but fair captain. However, he is also a surprisingly warm man, and is capable of great compassion. He dearly loves his family, and crew (who he sees as an extension of his family) and is always there for them in whatever capacity he is needed including, unfortunately if necessary, disciplinarian. He may eschew familiarity with family and friends while they’re all on duty aboard The Albatross, but not affection, trust, or care.

Always calm and collected in a crisis, Captain Dyne can be relied upon by his crew in any situation. Equal parts brawler and marksman, this is not a man whose bad side you want to be on. Like all Blue Rogues he relishes a challenge, never backs down from a fight unless it’s clearly to the detriment of his ship and/or crew, and is quicker than even most of his peers to help those in need.

His daughter Jessica is his only child. (And she loves him very much! XOXO – J)

Captain Dyne

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