Captain Drachma

A crotchity old fisherman with a prostetic arm.


A large, older man with white hair, a short beard and mustache as white as the hair on his head. He is missing his right eye and arm. The arm has been replaced by a crude brass mechanical arm. The missing eye is covered by an patch.


Drachma is the captain of the fishing ship the Little Jack. The ship is named after his son, Jack, whom was killed while he and his father were fishing when the gigantic Archwhale known as Rhaknam attacked and destroyed their boat. Drachma barely survived himself, loosing his right arm and eye.

Drachma vowed vengeance on Rhaknam. Covering his eye with a patch, and replacing his lost arm with a mechanical brass facsimile, Drachma set out to hunt down Rhaknam. He acquired a new and slightly larger fishing ship, the Little Jack, which he armed with a broadside of cannon.

For the past 30 years Drachma has plied Middle Ocean hunting Rhaknam. While he has had several encounters with the giant beast so far, he has not been able to engage it successfully.

His last attempt at engaging Rhaknam was aborted so he could recue the crew of a small trawler that Rhaknam had destroyed. This crew has turned out to be the survivors of the Valuan raid on Pirate Island led by Jessica Lynn Dyne. Enraged by his lost opportunity, Drachma has not be especially civil to the group. However, needing Drachma’s ship in assistance in getting to Valua in time to rescue their families, Jessica and her crew have formed an uneasy alliance with the cranky fisherman. He will take them to Valua, where they will make it possible for him to outfit the Little Jake with a Harpoon Cannon that might just give him the edge he needs against Rhaknam.

Captain Drachma

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