Polly Crusoe

A plump yet shapely woman who knows the ways of food, sailors, and the skies.


Polly has lived on Sailor’s Island all her life. Unsurprisingly, she married a sailor and has a beautiful young daughter, Anne, who takes after her mother in both looks and personality. Together the two of them run the most well known tavern in the skies. Polly is a kindly woman who knows as much about human nature as she does about food, and anyone who’s sampled her cooking would tell you that that means she’s very wise indeed. She rarely interferes in the business of her patrons, but when she does offer advice the wise head it.

Polly’s husband disappeared some years ago with his ship, and he is presumed shipwrecked out in the skies somewhere. Many believe that his ship tried to find a passage through the Dark Rift, and that he perished along with it. However, Polly refuses to believe he is dead. She “just has a feeling” that he’s still alive and “out there” somewhere.

Polly Crusoe

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