The Little Jack

A battered old fishing boat... With a full broadside!

Little Jack Level 3 Solo Soldier
Large Airship XP —
Space 2 ‘ship’ squares by 1 ‘ship’ square
Initiative As per assigned Lookout Senses Perception, As per assigned Lookout
HP 184; Harried 92; see also tough old ship
AC 21; Fortitude 17, Reflex 17, Will As per assigned Captian.
Saving Throws +0
Speed 0; Fly 5
Action Points Each Assigned Crew may contribute 1 Action Point.
Minimum Crew
1 Pilot (acts as captain); (+1 gunner if the ship is to fight)
Optimal Crew
5; Captain, pilot, gunner, lookout, engineer
BA Ranged Broadside (standard; broadside; at-will) ✦ Weapon
Ranged 10/20; +2 + Gunner’s Half Level Dex Mod vs. AC; 1d10 + Gunner’s Dex Mod damage.
Ranged Expert Gunnery ✦ Weapon
The Little Jack’s gunner may use any Ranged attack powers with the ‘weapon’ keyword and class features that apply to ranged weapons with the Little Jack’s cannons. The cannons are considered to be on that character’s list of special class weapons for purposes of using those powers or class features. Proficiency Bonus +2; Weapon Damage 1d10; Range 10/20.
Tactical maneuvers (varies; move)
The Little Jack’s pilot may use any powers they have on the Little Jack that are move actions.
The Little Jack’s engineer may use any Utility Powers that normally affect themselves and/or their allies on the Little Jack.
Crow’s Nest
The Little Jack’s lookout may apply/use any Class Features, Feats, or Utility Powers that affect initiative or perception to/on the Little Jack.
Tough Old Ship ✦ Healing
The Little Jack has the equivalent of 3 Healing Surges, which may be used by the powers of either the Captain or engineer. The Little Jack’s Surge Value is 46.
Sailing Captain: Drachma Battle Captain: Jessica Dyne Pilot: Tyhre O’Hare
Primary Gunner: Hanna Reserve Gunner: Katrin Lookout
Equipment Cannons (3 per side), moonstone engine, thrusters (2 per side; fore & aft), sweeps (2 per side; aft), sails (3 masts), lifeboats (x2).

The Little Jack is Captain Drachma’s ship. originally just a fishing boat, the Captain has augmented it with a broadside of 3 heavy cannon for use against the giant archwhale Raknam. Of course, the cannon can come in handy when the Little Jack is harassed by other ships as well.

By a strange twist of fate, The Little Jack is currently harboring the surviving Blue Rouges from the Valuan raid on Pirate Island. While young, their inherent talent and daring have greatly augmented the Little Jack’s combat effectiveness. With them onboard, she’s far more than a mere fishing boat, and anyone who tries to tangle with her is in for quite a surprise.

The Little Jack

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