Nasaltan Rajule Farad

The fat, jovial ruler of Nasr.


Age: 42
Place of Birth: The Royal Palace in Nasrad
Rank: Nasultan of Nasr
Marital Status: Maried five times over.

The Nasultan has 5 wives and over a dozen children. He has Ruled Nasr since the death of his father 15 years ago. During this time Nasr has enjoyed excellent economic opportunities through trade, and it has become as fat and happy as its ruler.

Rajule Farad is a boisterous man who prefers to enjoy the pleasures of life rather than get bogged down in government bureaucracy. He has done this by keeping his government and its offices small, and by using a light tough in his governance. Aside from making sure that the streets of his cities are well patrolled by and his navy strong, the Nasultan prefers to let Nasr run itself. This is very popular, as it keeps taxes down and red tape in short supply. Despite Valua’s constant posturing, he and his advisors do not believe that Valua has real intentions of starting another war. The Nasr is well maintained, and the limited approaches to Nasrad heavily guarded. For all of their bluster, the Valuan’s cannot breach these defenses any more than Nasr could take on The Grand Fortress, and Valua knows it. All a war would serve to do is batter the two opposing sky navies, and that’s not worth the loss of trade to Nasr or Valua.

Nasaltan Rajule Farad

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