Welcome to the World of Arcadia!

It’s a land, figuratively speaking, of islands that float in the skies above the impenetrable clouds of deepsky, below the six ever-present moons that hang high above the cloud-ceiling. These six moons, each a different color, govern the balance of magic and the flow of life in Arcadia. They also occasionally shed small bits of rock, known as moonstones, that plummet down to the islands of Arcadia, the energies of which provide the basis of power for the center of Arcadian life… The Airship. And where commerce sails the skies… There will be AIR PIRATES!

We start our story in a place called Middle Ocean, the central area in the sky for our four major factions. These factions are: Valua, Nasr, and, of course, Air Pirates. The last group comes in two flavors, Blue Rogues & Black Pirates, hence the four, rather than three, factions.

(For this iteration, we will be running in 4th edition D&D, but previously solicited players had expressed interest in 5th edition HERO. Don’t be alarmed if you encounter HERO-specific “crunch” in some of these wiki pages. ~ Katie)

The PC’s are required to be in the heroic mode, so they have to be good people to start out with. (This means if a system with alignments is chosen PC’s are restricted to good alignments.) There will be potentially dire consequences for characters who do not live up to their heroic reputations as defined BY ME.

The players will pick one of the first three factions (Valua, Nasr, or Blue Rogues) for their characters to be from. The “catch” is that this will be a collective decision between them rather than the individual choice this usually is. See Character Creation for details.

For more information about the world of Arcadia or the Four Main Factions, see the Campaign Wiki.

Skies of Arcadia

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