De Loco

5th Admiral of the Valuan Armada, and a mechanical genius.


Age: 15
Place of Birth: Valua, Upper City
Rank: Admiral

De Loco is a child prodigy. He is a mechanical genius, showing a mastery of technology not seen in generations. He is especially good with airship and weapons design. He has designed new more powerful engines, ever increasingly destructive weaponry, and his metallurgical skills have even improved hull strengths. A whole new class of warships are being designed based on his breakthroughs.

All of this has earned him an Admiralship at the unheard of age of 15. The 5th fleet he commands is actually more of an R&D section than an actual fleet, and he actually commands very few ships. He does have access to considerable resources and manpower however.

De Loco is as arrogant as he is brilliant, He is obsessed with technology, and values the safety and functionality of his technical creations over the lives and welfare of his own troops, not to mention other people. He has been know to become vindictive against anyone who breaks/defeats any of his equipment/mechanical war machines, even Valuan soldiers in authorized equipment tests. It is rumored that he is slightly unstable, given to throwing tantrums during which he can only scream and rant incoherently. There are also whispers among the personnel in his 5th Fleet that he is sadistic as well.

De Loco’s flagship is The Chameleon. He chose this name because of the ship’s ever changing appearance, due to the near constant modifications and upgrades he adds to it in order to test his latest technical breakthroughs.

De Loco

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