Prince Enrique

Prince of Valua, Heir to the Throne


A dashing young man, full of youth and vigor. Handsome, athletic, smart, and highly charismatic, Enrique is undoubtedly Valua’s most eligible bachelor. Even Alfonso is jealous of him.


Age: 21
Place of Birth: The Royal Palace of Valua
Rank: Prince of all Valua, Sole heir to the Throne

Enrique had a pretty happy childhood, and had always been close to his parents. Unfortunately all that changed with the death of his father a few years ago. Since then his mother, Empress Theodora, has become increasingly busy with affairs of state, and has had less and less time for him. He has had to watch from the sidelines as the caring mother he once knew descends ever deeper into megalomania.

It is rumored that His Highness does NOT approve of Her Majesty’s expansionist plans, and that this has begun to become a wedge between them.

Prince Enrique

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