2nd Admiral of The Valuan Armada, an experienced war vetrean, and respected nobelman.


Age: 58
Place of Birth: Valua, Upper City
Rank: Admiral

Gregorio is the eldest of the Valuan admirals, having held his post since before the Valuan-Nasr war. A veteran of that war, Gregorio is the most combat experienced of all of the admirals, even including High Admiral Galacian. Gregorio is famous for his defensive tactics. He specializes in blockades and block maneuvers. Even when on the offensive, he prefers to lure an enemy into striking into his formation rather than charging theirs. No defensive line set up by Gregorio has ever been broken.

Gregorio also has a reputation as an officer and a gentleman. He is known as an honorable opponent and respected even by his fiercest enemies among the Nasr veterans of the war.

Like Alfonso, Gregorio is from an old and influential noble family which has long been personally allied with the throne. Unlike Alfonso, Gregorio backs his lineage with strength of character, intelligence, and skill rather than arrogance. Gregorio was Prince Enrique’s tutor on military history and strategy, and, it is rumored, the prince’s favorite babysitter as a child.

His flagship is The Auriga.


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