3rd Admiral of the Valuan Armada, and a womanizing beafcake.


Well over 6 1/2 feet tall, Vigoro is a giant wall of muscles. He has a head of rich brown hair which he keeps fairly short, and slicked to a crested point in the front. He is good looking, if your into the muscle bound wrestler physique.


Age: 26
Place of Birth: Valua, Upper City
Rank: Admiral

Vigoro is a loud and boisterous fellow, who embodies all things manly. Muscles, athleticism, love of women, muscles, love of bear, obsession with really big guns, obsession with women, love of meat, and did he mention he has huge muscles and likes to surround himself with beautiful women?

Vigoro is still in the prime of his life, and loves being a major military figure in the Valuan Armada. His flagship, the Draco, is nothing more to him than a mount for the biggest guns he can find. He loves a good fight, cannon to cannon or hand to hand, and his goal in life is to attract a sable of beautiful women to cater to his every whim. So far his harem is empty, but he’s just getting started (as far as he’s concerned) and he is quite the ladies man (according to him.)

His flagship is The Draco.


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