Tag: Flagship


  • The Cygnus

    The Cygnus is the personal flagship for [[:alfonso | Alfonso]] 1st Admiral of the Valuan Armada. Like all Armada flagships, The Cygnus was custom built for its master combining his flair and supreme sense of style with lethal armaments. Whatever you may …

  • The Serpent

    The Serpent is the flagship for [[:galacian | Grand Admiral Galacian]] of the [[The Empire of Valua | Valuan]] Armada. Like all Armada flagships, The Serpent was custom built for its master, and it is as leathal and efficient as he is.

  • The Draco

    Like its master, The Draco is all about heavy firepower. It is essentially a giant gun with an engine to propel it. The one strategy that [[:vigoro | Vigoro]] uses with his ship is full frontal assault. While this leaves the Draco weak in most statistics …

  • The Chameleon

    [[:de-loco | Admiral De Loco]] uses his flagship as the final test bed for most of his designs and innovations. This results in constant changes in the ship's specifications and abilities, sometime on a daily basis. It is the ever changing appearance and …